Federal District
"Right from its creation, Russia has always been a multi-ethnic and multi-confessional country. This mutual enrichment of different cultures, traditions and religions has always been our country's distinguishing feature and strength."

Vladimir Putin,
President of the Russian Federation
Central Federal District

Being home to the Russian capital, Moscow, the Central Federal District is the heart of the multireligious and multinational country, with the Moscow Cathedral Mosque being its main place of worship for the local Muslims. The mosque houses Russia's major Muslim organizations, such as the Russian Council of Muftis and the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Russia, both of which have been chaired by the Grand Mufti of Russia, Sheikh Rawil Gaynetdin, over the past 30 years.

There are several unique historical mosques in the region, which is a testimony to Islam's long-standing presence here as well as its key role in Russia's political, economic and cultural life.

Main information
about the district

Area (km2)

650 205
Population, 2019

39 388 809
Administrative center


Opening of the main Muslim mosque in Russia

The Moscow Cathedral Mosque was opened on September 23rd, 2015, after the major reconstruction. Sheikh Rawil Gaynetdin, the religious leader of Russian Muslims; Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia; Sergey Sobyanin, the mayor of Moscow; Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the President of Turkey; Mahmoud Abbas, the President of Palestine; and Suleyman Kerimov, the well-known philanthropist together with the heads of the regions and ambassadors of Arab-Islamic world participated in the ceremony.

Moscow Cathedral Mosque - the center of attraction for thousands of Muslims

For more than a century, the Moscow Cathedral Mosque have been a center of attraction for thousands of Muslims from across the country. More than 100 thousand Muslims take part in the collective prayers on Ramadan Bayrami and Kurban Bayrami.

Muslims as a single organism

The reconstruction allowed to expand the Moscow Cathedral Mosque by 20 times. Now its total area makes 18.9 thousand square meters. Six-story building can accommodate more than 10 thousand Muslims. The top of the dome is embellished with certain verses from Quran, in which Allah vows mentioning his creations.

Mufti's holiday sermons

Traditionally, holiday sermon is delivered by Mufti Sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin, Chairman of Russia Muftis Council and Religious Board of Muslims of the Russian Federation.
All adjacent streets are closed according to the order of Moscow administration. Federal TV stations broadcast love holiday sermons to cover the audience of more than 100 million Muslims from across the world.

Gold Domed Moscow

Two main minarets reach 78 m in height. Their form symbolizes the centuries-long friendship of Russian peoples: the minarets look like the towers of the Moscow Kremlin and Söyembikä Tower of the Kazan Kremlin.
The dome of the mosque is plated with gold as Moscow is famous for its gold Domes.

Half-moon over Moscow

One can obtain a splendid view of almost the whole city from the top of the minarets. The shining domes are plated with 12 kilograms of leaf-gold.

Football without borders

In summer 2018, Russia hosted the World Cup. Hundreds of thousands of fans from across the world visited our country. Every day Muslim fans visited the Moscow Cathedral Mosque to give thanks and pray to Allah.

The power in unity

The Grand Mufti of Russia, Sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin, at the invitation of the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, took part in the celebration of the National Unity Day. His Holiness Kirill, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, the leaders of all religious denominations, and honored guest paid respect to the ancestors, who had defended the unity of the country during the dark years.

Tver Cathedral Mosque

The opening of the Tver Cathedral Mosque took place on October 27th, 1906, in the month of Ramadan. The mosque was built in the Neo-Moorish style. The minaret reached 16.5 m in height. During the Soviet era, the administration used the premises of the mosque as a restaurant. However, in 1992, the mosque was returned back to the Muslims. In 2008, the major reconstruction of the religious building took place.

Mosque's dormancy

The mosque located in Noginsk town looks like an octagram from a bird's perspective. Minbar is a pride of the Noginsk mosque. It is a kind of artifact that for more than 20 years has been used by imams and sheikhs to deliver khutbah at the Cathedral Mosque in Prospect Mira Avenue. Holiday khutbah on Ramadan Bayrami and Kurban Bayrami at Noginsk Mosque is delivered by Rushan Abbyasov, the Mufti of Moscow region.

Khans' heritage

Khan's Mosque in Kasimov is a monument of Tatar religious architecture. According to history, the mosque was built in 1467. It was called Khan's Mosque as it was the largest mosque in the khanate and because it was used as a place for Khan enthronement.

The unique minaret represents the original structure in the form of the cylindrical tower with a special platform for a muezzin. The mosque is a monument of federal importance.

The birthday of the Islamic prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

Muhammad (peace be upon him) Mawlid al-Nabiis is an annual spiritual and educational event dedicated to the personality of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).
In 2016, the event was held in the form of stage performance. The performance called "the Talk to Soul" told the broad audience about the problems of the modern society. Later the performance was staged in Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, and Kyrgyzstan.

Visiting Allah

The Moscow Cathedral Mosque hosted the spiritual event and welcomed thousands of Muslims. The original performance was prepared by the imams of the Moscow mosques. This unique festival united not only guests and native citizens of Moscow but people living far from the capital of Russia. The hosts organized online broadcasting of the event.

Quran Festival

The young reciters of the Holy Quran performed before 6000 spectators in Crocus City as a part of the festival in Moscow. Two reciters from Indonesia touched everyone's feelings. The young people studied the Quran surahs at a special school for children from the deprived families, which had been established by the Muttaqin Ike

Moscow Halal Expo

Moscow Halal Expo is the largest halal exhibition held in Russia. Its aim is to promote the growth of the Russian market for halal products and services, the development of Islamic business and finance, the development of Islamic cultural platform. The exhibition is held for 9 years and is very popular among Muslims and the representatives of other confessions.

For the sake of future

The Memorial Moscow Mosque was built in memory of Muslim soldiers, who died during the Great Patriotic War. The appearance of the mosque combines the styles of various Muslim architectural schools: Tatar, Uzbek, Caucasus. This mosque is the most picturesque attraction in the city.

Food as Art

Islamic peoples have a rich culinary culture being passed down for generations. Active development of the halal industry in Russia gave birth to a large number of cafes and restaurants, offering halal certified meals.

Ramadan tent

"Ramadan Tent" is a cultural and charitable project. The tent is visited annually by more than 1,000 people during the sawm. The visitors can participate in charitable program and are offered free iftars. The tent
is opened for everyone regardless of nationality and confession.